Nearly 30 years of Unique & Practical Experience.  

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Limit your risk with the right leadership.  Dr. Steve uses cutting- edge, real-world experience.

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You, your business, your life is unique.  Dr. Steve will helps discover the best fit to maximize results.

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Trusted - Professional - Knowledgable - Effective

Dr. Steve finds Success Through Simplicity.  He uses simple, yet powerful methods for a refreshing approach to develop, sustain, or strengthen personal quality of life and business success and stability.  Using an unfiltered and keen sense of the client/patient perspective, Dr. Steve develops an engaging and trusting relationship that permeates his all of his endeavors. This real-world approach maximizes leading-edge technology for greater effectiveness and efficiency in our fast-paced, stressed-out, over-stimulated world. 


  • Optimize client, patient, health coach & healthcare professionals.
  • Maximize the use of health and wellness principles. 
  • Implement real-world behavior change strategies
  • Work closely with leading Preventive Concierge Cardiologist, Dr. Anne-Marie Feyrer-Melk.
  • Direct the Lifestyle Medicine Program at the Optimal Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center.
  • Serve as the Chief Science Officer for Tech Company Nudge - Nudge Coach.
  • Develop strategies for Dental Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine.
  • Use real-world health coaching experience as a certified Health Coach. 
  • Implement Lifestyle Medicine Programs in a variety of settings.  
  • Present nationally on lifestyle medicine, wellness, private medicine, & technology topics.